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論及俄羅斯的甜品,首先一定是有圖拉薑餅(Tula Gingerbread)的有關薑餅之前也寫到過(聖誕蛋糕1-之薑餅屋),顯然圖拉薑餅是一種薑味的麵包。

Gingerbread can rightfully claim to be one of Russia’s original sweets. A dessert called “honey bread” was first enjoyed in Ancient Egypt and came to Russia in the 9th Century, when the legendary Rurik and Oleg of Novgorod joined together disparate East Slavic and Finno- Ugric tribes to form one unified state.


At that time, gingerbread was made from rye flour mixed with honey and berry juice. It got its modern name when people started enhancing this recipe with spices from India and the Middle East, which first appeared in Russia in the 12th-13th centuries. The most famous Russian gingerbread is from Tula, about 120 miles south of Moscow. It is a square slab of spicy cake filled with jam or condensed milk. In the late 1990s, Tula opened a museum devoted to the cake.
當時,薑餅由黑麥混合蜂蜜和漿果果汁製作而成。 12至13世紀,印度和中東地區產的香料首次出現在俄羅斯,人們開始將這些香料加入薑餅中提味,這才有了這種甜點現在的名字。俄羅斯最有名的薑餅產自莫斯科以南約120英里處的圖拉。圖拉薑餅是呈正方形的辛辣口味蛋糕,裡面則是果醬或煉乳。 20世紀90年代末,圖拉州建成了薑餅博物館。


Russian merchants have long had strong trading links with the Middle East and the second most popular Russian sweet – pastila – is reminiscent of Turkish Delight.


However, the main ingredients of pastila, which first appeared in Russia in the 16th century, are no more exotic than sour apples, honey and egg whites. Until the 19th century, the recipe for the Kolomensky pastels by far the most delicious – was a closely guarded secret, but then French candymakers added whipped egg-whites to an apple and fruit puree and discovered a new delicacy – the French marshmallow. At about the same time, Russian confectioners started using sugar instead of honey, and today pastels are made using the same process.

Churchkhela is mainly found in seaside resorts in the Krasnodar Territory since the recipe has its roots in Caucasian cuisine. Churchkhela is made from nuts that are put onto a thread and dipped in sweet grape juice that has been thickened with flour, which forms a chewy coating . This dessert is undoubtedly the most healthy delicacy on the list, as it contains lots of glucose and fructose, vegetable oils, proteins, organic acids and vitamins.


Made from soft dough that is deep fried and drenched in hot honey syrup, this dessert is usually shaped like a small honey mound or pyramid. Still considered the national dessert dish of the Tatars and Bashkirs — Russia’s largest ethnic minorities — chak-chak is especially popular in Tatarstan and Bashkiria (in the Ural Mountains). The simple dough is cut into small pieces that resemble short noodles or even nuts, deep fried in oil, covered in honey and left to harden before serving.
One of Russia’s most beloved cakes has an unusual history: we know exactly who invented it and when. The whimsically named Bird’s Milk Cake (in Russian fairy tales, “bird’s milk” is a luxury so fantastic it doesn’t even exist) was created in 1978 by Vladimir Guralnik, the head of the Praga restaurant confectionary shop. It is an unusual cake that reverses the usual ratio of cake to filling: Guralnik’s rich confection alternates thick, ethereally light layers of souffle with thin layers of cake, topped by a chocolate glaze.
接下來這款是端木覺得這幾款甜品裡最有代表性的一款,在俄羅斯也是相當出名的一款,這款蛋糕的名字很容易引起誤解。儘管這只是一種覆蓋一層巧克力的厚鬆糕,樣子也沒有特別之處,但卻堪稱俄羅斯最美味的甜食之一。鳥乳蛋糕曾在蘇聯時期申請專利,其正式配方由弗拉基米爾·古拉爾尼克(Vladimir Guralnik)領導的甜品店提供。弗拉基米爾是莫斯科布拉格餐廳的首席甜點師,也是莫斯科甜品界的傳奇人物。鳥乳蛋糕的配方來源於法國慕斯,但俄羅斯甜點師對其中幾個關鍵地方進行了修改。

Ptasie Mleczko (Polish pronunciation: [ptaɕɛ mlɛtʂkɔ]) In Russian it is called ptichye moloko (птичье молоко, [ˈptʲitɕjɪ məlɐˈko]) and in Romanian lapte de pasăre ([ˈlapte de paˈsəre]). All these names literally mean “bird’s milk” or crop milk, a substance somewhat resembling milk, produced by certain birds to feed their young. However, this is not the origin of the name; rather, “bird’s milk” is an idiom of ancient Greek origin meaning “an unobtainable delicacy” ( compare English: “hen’s teeth”).[
Ptasie Mleczko(是一個波蘭詞語,波蘭語發音:ptaɕɛmlɛtʂkɔ])在俄羅斯它被稱為ptichye MOLOKO和羅馬尼亞lapte德pasăre([德laptepasəre])。所有這些名字的字面意思是“鳥的奶”或作物的牛奶,這種物質有些像牛奶。然而,這不是名稱的由來;相反,“鳥的奶”,是古希臘起源,意思是“一個無法獲得美味”的成語(類似於英語中的:“母雞的牙”),中文說的驢生笄角意思差不多。鳥乳蛋糕主要製作不同點是在中間的蛋糕胚以及夾層。下面著重介紹一下這兩部分。
麵粉 – 3杯
發酵粉 – 2 1/2茶匙
鹽 – 3/4茶匙
黃油 – 170克
糖 – 1 1/3杯
向日葵油 – 1/2杯
雞蛋 – 4件
香草糖 – 2茶匙
酪乳(低脂肪奶油)- 3/4杯
煉乳奶加糖 – 1/2杯
砂糖 – 100克
淡奶油 – 200克
酸奶油 – 200克
明膠 – 25克

Готовим тесто. Для этого в миске смешайте муку, разрыхлитель и соль. В другой миске взбейте 170 г размягченного масла с 1 1/3 стаканом сахара.事實上在製作上並不復雜,只是將麵粉和液體材料混合後加上油脂,在我們通常製作蛋糕中都盡量避免麵筋的形成,但這樣看來並不十分在意麵筋的形成,反而正是用高含量的油脂來潤滑麵團,形成一種粗放卻柔軟的體質,類似於磅蛋糕,但又比磅蛋糕更堅韌。





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